Founded in January 2017 by members of the Society of Automotive Engineers at the University Colorado Colorado Springs. Interdisciplinary students come together to integrate aerodynamics, mechanics, circuitry, sustainability, and business. We aim to maximize performance, reliability, and driver safety while remaining mindful of cost.

Our Vision

“We will build a complete specification-fulfilling formula style electric race-car, abiding to all rules as set by SAE, to maximize cost efficiency, and to successfully compete in Formula SAE Electric Toronto in June 2019.”

Getting On Track

Our team started in January of  2017 and that summer built our “Numero Uno” Prototype in just 1 month with only a $4,000 budget. Numero Uno has an aluminum frame, 80v battery and 30kW motor (40hp). It tops out at 45mph but is happy to burn rubber at any point.

During the 2017-2018 school year MLM began designing its first competition car “The Flash”and established the team on campus. The team secured a workspace and generous grant from The Green Action Fund as well as community contributions that have enabled the team to pursue the 2019 competition.

MLM is currently building “The Flash”and preparing for its first competition, Formula North May 30 – June 2, 2019, in Barrie, ON, Canada. The Flashwill have a tube steel frame, beam suspension, a 306v battery, and 80kW (109hp), 140Nm(104ft-lbs) motor. It will have the same torque at the wheels as the 2018 Ford Mustang GT, but weight less than 600lbs.

Formula North – Here We Come!

Our team is excited to compete in Formula North, a Society of Automotive Engineers Formula Student competition. Follow our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to see our story continue to develop as we head to our first competition or join our team and help us get there by becoming one of our sponsors!

Applied Engineering

Team members from electrical, mechanical, aerospace, computer, and almost every other kind of engineering experience a direct test of their knowledge and skills in designing our Formula Student Electric race car. Our team members learn engineering skills that could never be found in a classroom. From actual design experience to teamwork, our team members leave with experience and skills unparalleled by their peers.

Business and Leadership

Think this is just an engineering competition? Think again! Business events account for 1/3 of the competition and support the rest. Our business team members develop a real business plan for the team search out grants and sponsors, and make creating The Flash possible.

It’s truly trial by fire for our club officers. Our student leaders organize, support, plan, and run the team. They constantly deal with real world difficulties while bearing the pressure of starting our University’s first Formula Student Electric team. They learn communication, logistics, organization, motivation, and so much more while trying to lead and aid our team.